Google Now forces SSL Encryption For All Gmail Users to Enhance Security


Google’s Gmail has always been my favorite email services for its ease of use and its abundance of features. It is also fairly secure and gives users the option to encrypt emails they view and send out, but today Google announced that they will be forcing encryption on all user accounts.

This latest security enhancement will mean that every message you send or receive will be 100% encrypted even over public Wi-Fi ensuring your messages will be safe from people stealing your information.

Another great thing is that Google says messages will also be 100% encrypted on their internal servers which means it will be a lot harder for agencies like the NSA to read your emails without a court order.

If you are not currently using Gmail and are living in the internet dark ages, I suggest you create one today. It makes managing emails a whole lot better. Don’t be that person still using that ancient AOL email address : )

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